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We are a group of like minded individuals with a common interest in motorcycles. A relaxed attitude is the best way to describe the South Essex section. It’s all about enjoying ourselves.

We ride a mixed selection of Triumph motorcycles from classic to latest model, cruiser to cafe racer. If as yet you do not own a Triumph motorcycle but are interested you are welcome to join a ride on any bike. Beware that it won’t be long before you are persuading yourself / partner that a Triumph bike is an essential road to happiness.

On our regular runs you will find members riding a vast variety of machines and models. We do not control the age of the machines you bring unless the event is one aimed at a particular era. This means the run will proceed at the speed of the slowest machine.

Our runs normally operate under the dispatch or drop off system, the leader will stay at the front and know the way, the rider behind them stops at each change of direction to direct the rest of the riders until the tail end person arrives and relieves them of their post. Both the leader and tail end rider will generally wear hi-vis jackets to help identify themselves. Please do not leave your post, no matter how long you sit on the wall, the leader will stop and come back when the supply of members is exhausted if there is a problem, that way nobody gets lost. Riders of faster bikes are allowed to overtake slower riders as long as it is safe to do so, but, will have to sit on more corners, make sure you make yourself visible and stop in a safe place.