Heidi Bushell Memorial

Though no longer physically with us her spirit will ride with us forever.

She was, put simply the smile that gave the branch its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Heidi was our Treasurer for the past 9 years. She was as diligent at this duty as she was with any branch business. Even if you did not want a receipt, you got one. “I need receipts to keep the books straight”. If there were trips or events to organise such as The Treffen, Scotland, Spain/Portugal or the Isle of Man, she would be at the forefront getting things done and organised but always with a twinkle in her eye, she was never bossy. She ran the branch website and was very patient with us all as we changed destinations, times and meeting places.

It was she that made me feel that the club was the sort of place I would feel at home in. She leaves an unfillable void in the club and even more so for her family Tony and grown-up children Toby and Laura.

Heidi loved riding pillion on the back of her husband’s Triumph. She also loved reading and always had books on the go. She was the kindest person you could ever meet, and with more kindness in this world, the world would be happier place.The club will be presenting a Memorial Trophy in Heidi’s honour in the future.